Yoast Vlog: Mobilegeddon

On April 22, 2015 “Mobilegeddon” took place. This update to Google’s search algorithm would favor mobile-friendly sites over other sites. So, when searching from a mobile device, sites optimized for mobile would rank higher. Developers and SEOs named it Mobilegeddon, because they thought it would really disrupt the mobile SEO landscape. But did it?

In this video I explain what Mobilegeddon is, why it was created and what the consequences of this update are.

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Today I’d like to talk to you about the Mobilegeddon update. Google didn’t actually call this Mobilegeddon, SEOs around the world did, because they thought this would be the Armageddon of mobile SEO updates. Google just called this The Mobile Update. It was very simple. The reason for this is that Google has more searches coming in from mobile devices than it has from desktop devices. And Google looked bad, when it sent you as a visitor to a site that didn’t work well for mobile when you’re searching from a mobile device. So Google started devaluating sites that didn’t work well on mobile in the mobile search results.

Now, it didn’t seem as though the impact of The Mobile Update was a big as people expected it to be. We were expecting a very very big change and fluctuation in rankings. It wasn’t as big, but over time it has slowly become more important. Google has changed what it requires from your site in terms of being mobile friendly and it’s becoming stricter in it’s mobile tests as well on what you should do to make sure your site performs well on mobile. So if you don’t want to get hit by mobilegeddon now, and in the future, there is only one solution. Make sure that your site works very very well on mobile, for everyone. Good luck!

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