Yoast ebook: Optimize your WordPress site

Cover of optimize your WordPress site, the book by team at YoastExciting news! Team Yoast has written its very own book! In recent years, we often fantasized about writing a book in which all of our knowledge was bundled. In the last few months, we finally put our pens down to paper! Starting today you can buy our awesome ebook for only $19.

Our book will help you optimize your WordPress site. The book does not solely contain information about SEO, but also gives information about Navigation, Social Media, Google Analytics, Conversion and Site Speed. These different sections can be read in any order you like and gives you the basic of one aspect of optimizing your websites. All sections are written by our very own Yoast experts in the various fields. Design and illustrations are done by our Design Dream Team Erwin and Mijke.

A book for WordPress users

The book is written for all people having a wordpress website. Building a WordPress website isn’t that hard. But after you have installed your theme and put in your text… then what? How do you make sure your site stands out from all of the other ones on the internet? How do you make sure people find your website? And what do you have to do to make people buy your stuff?

Tips to keep your website appealing

Installing your WordPress site is only the beginning. In order to have a website which keeps appealing to your audience, you will have an endless job in keeping your content and design up to date. You will have to do continuous Search Engine Optimization in order to make sure that people find your website on Google and other search engines. You should make sure users of your website can find the information you want them to find. And if you have a shop, you should make sure that people can find and (want to) buy your products. That’s a lot of work! Our book guides you through doing all these things.

A book for all WordPress Users

Our ebook is specifically written for those of you that already have a WordPress site, but need help to turn it into a fantastic WordPress site. It’s not written solely or especially for developers (it’s relatively poor on code) and can be read by (almost ;-)) everyone! Some parts in the SEO and the speed section can be a bit hard without any technical skills, but the larger part of the book is comprehensible for a large audience.

Technical Specifications

Buying our ebook will give you access to a number of files. You can download a PDF, for reading our book on your PC, Mac or tablet. But you can also download our book as EPUB, if you like to read on your ereader. Also, we provide a Kindle-version. You can thus choose the device you like! In our opinion, the ebook is best read in color and on a device connected to the internet. We provide lots of links with examples and further reading material!

Buy our book!

Convinced? Buy our ebook now for only $19 and read our 152 pages of practical information and tips! Turn your WordPress site into a fantastic WordPress site! If you would like to have some more information about the contents and look into the design of our ebook, check out our ebook page.




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