WordPress SEO Premium 1.2

Premium 130x100 x2As I announced yesterday on the Dradcast, we released a new version of WordPress SEO premium. This is another feature packed update with a lot of things people had been asking us for. Let me go through the list of new features:

Import redirects from your .htaccess file

If you have a lot of redirects in your .htaccess file and find it a hassle to manage, you can now import them into WordPress SEO, just go to SEO → Import & Export and you’ll see this:

redirects import

Just copy / paste your redirects and they’ll be imported!

Write redirects to .htaccess file

Once you’ve imported your redirects, you can then also write them back to that file using the plugin. This means you have the best of both worlds: your redirects are as fast as can be because they don’t need WordPress to load up, but you can manage them from inside WordPress!

Choose the redirect type

Up until now, every redirect you created with the plugin was automatically a 301 redirect, also known as a permanent redirect. We realize that sometimes you’d rather do a temporary redirect, (a 302 or a 307) so we allow you to choose the redirect type now:

redirect type

Catching post slug and category / tag slug changes

When you change the slug of a post, WordPress automatically creates a redirect for you from the old post URL to the new post URL. The issue is that it’s rather hard to change that redirect at that point, should you want to. So we intercept that and now we create the redirect in WordPress SEO premium, so you can change it should you want.

Even worse, if you change the URL for a category, tag or other custom taxonomy, WordPress does absolutely nothing to prevent users from getting 404s. WordPress SEO premium will now automatically add a redirect from the old URL to the new one for you.

Redirect when deleting posts / terms

Similar to when you change the URL, when you delete a post, tag or category, the old URL for that post, tag or category would at that point go to 404 not found page. WordPress SEO premium will now offer you the option of redirecting that URL to another one if you remove a post / page from the trash:

delete redirect notification

Miscellaneous bug fixes

Of course we’ve also asked some bugs to go away and we’ve updated the core WordPress SEO plugin to the latest version, so there’s lots of good stuff to play with!

If you haven’t bought WordPress SEO premium yet and this has convinced you that we’re doing cool things, go here and buy it!

This post first appeared on Yoast. Whoopity Doo!