WordPress SEO Premium 1.0

We’re very proud to bring this release to you today: WordPress SEO premium 1.0 is here. This premium version adds a redirect module to the WordPress SEO plugin that allows you to manage your redirects from within your WordPress installation. It also allows you to retrieve your site’s crawl errors from Google Webmaster Tools and fix those immediately¬†with that redirect functionality.

If you’d already bought the premium plugin, you’ll receive an email soon with a download link.

Fix your site’s crawl errors easily

The combination of being able to retrieve Google’s crawl errors and the tool to fix them is something I’ve long wanted to combine into one. I’ve been annoyed for ages with the need to log into Google Webmaster Tools, look at the errors and then write redirects which went into my servers config file. It can be a tedious process and writing redirects is not everybody’s forte.

I’ve used several plugins to do redirects but none of them really worked, especially as, when your site gets older and bigger, you’ll end up with more and more redirects. Which is why we came up with a scalable redirection solution. Look how easy it is:

WordPress SEO Premium: easily redirect / fix GWT errors

Scalable redirect solution

You have two options when using the WordPress SEO Premium plugins redirect module: you can have it do the redirects for you, or you can have it write a file that you can then include in your server config files or even your .htaccess. Doing the latter means that the redirects will be faster, which is especially useful if you have a lot of them, while still allowing you to maintain them in an easy, WordPress like interface:

Wordpress SEO Premium: redirects manager

More is to come!

We’ve got a lot more plans for the WordPress SEO Premium plugin (and for the core WordPress SEO plugin for that matter), so more is definitely to come. Those of you who’ve followed our WordPress SEO github will have noticed that Barry, our new senior developer, has been going all over the place fixing errors, which has lead to a number of releases of the last few weeks.

I’m very excited about this new release, I hope you will be to!

Want to buy the WordPress SEO Premium plugin? Well you can! For as little as $89 for a single site, you’ll get 1 year of upgrades (and new features) and access to our support team:

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