Why we’re offering Conversion Reviews

As of January 2nd we’re offering Conversion Reviews, in which we review your website and give you a list of improvements to increase your conversion rates. We’ve come to the conclusion we needed to offer these Conversion Reviews as a result of my own activities within Yoast, as well as our experience with the Website Reviews.


We already focused on conversion when making our Website Reviews, among other things. During the hundreds of Website Reviews we’ve done so far, we noticed a lot of the websites we were reviewing could use more than just a ‘nudge in the right direction’. Because while we are helping people to get more and more traffic to their site, it’s a waste to see only a sliver of that traffic actually converting.

Apart from that, I’ve personally noticed that I’ve had more and more to say about the conversion part of the Website Reviews. Sometimes I actually had to hold back on this part, so it wouldn’t drown out the rest of the review.

So making the Conversion Review its own thing was a logical step. Business wise it’s a logical step as well: the Website Review will help you draw as much visitors to your website as possible, and the Conversion Review will help you make the most of these visitors.

Conversion Review

In short, the Conversion Review will help you optimize your conversion rates. Whether your website is aimed at sales, email subscriptions or simply page views, the Conversion Review will give you a handy list of what you should change. Basing our claims on (scientific) articles and findings from other tests and studies, we tell you what you should change, what you could test, and why.

So even if you’re no stranger to conversion rate optimization, this review will be helpful to you. It will give you a clear focus on your most important pages and where the best improvements could be made.

What others thought

In december 2013 we’ve already done some Conversion Reviews. Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

Bully Max“We would like to thank you for the review as it is proving to be indispensable for us growing the business. In fact, so far I think I look at the review at least once a day for reference. Thank you also for taking care of our Google Analytics issues. Having a backup of the data is a great thing. Your hard work with this is very appreciated. All in all, your reviews are awesome, and any serious online business would be missing out, not to take advantage of such knowledge.

Team Yoast is money well spent, bottom line!”

Matthew Kinneman, Bully Max

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