Tomorrow: new Yoast SEO! Content, content & content

Big news! Tomorrow we’ll update Yoast SEO. We have really awesome new features in our free plugin. You may have noticed our focus on creating high-quality content in our blog post and in our academy products. We really believe that writing quality content should be part of every SEO strategy.

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All about content!

This new update of Yoast SEO will be all about content! We want to help you to write text that is nice and easy to read (as well as SEO-friendly). Next to our SEO scores, we’re going to offer you scores on your content as well. More green bullets!

As of tomorrow, our plugin will show both one or more SEO-tabs (not much has changed there!) as well as a content tab. In the SEO-tab, you’ll fill out your focus keyword and check whether or not your text is well optimized for the search engines. In the content tab, you will receive feedback about the readability of your text.

Check out a sneak preview of what the plugin will look like as of tomorrow:

screenshot-keywordThe Yoast meta box: longer titles, new help center.

screenshot-2-content-analysisThe new content analysis feature.

screenshot-passive-voice-highlightOptionally highlight content issues straight in the editor.

Which checks?

In the 3.3 release of Yoast SEO you will find 6 content checks. We will check your use of subheadings, the length of your paragraphs and the length of your sentences. Furthermore, we’ll check your use of transition words and your use of passive voice. The Flesch Reading Ease score (which was in the SEO tab before) has moved to the content tab.

We will provide feedback on the readability of your text by giving you the well-known red, orange and green bullets. But, we will also allow you to highlight each check in your text. That’ll make it that much easier to correct your writing. For now, most of the content analysis is only in English. Of course, the checks for the length of sentences, the length of paragraphs and subheadings are applicable for other languages as well.

More checks to come!

Team Yoast is already working on some new readability checks. And, we are working on making sure the content-analysis will become available for more languages.  So you can expect updates with more content and readability checks in the near future!

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