Site structure training: now available!

You want your site to appear high in the search engines. You want extra traffic and more customers and/or sales. And what you want most, is to outrank the competition. In order to do so, you can apply all kinds of SEO tactics. Structuring your site in such a way that Google can easily understand what’s your most important content, is an essential SEO tactic. Organizing your content well can be quite hard though, especially if your site is becoming rather large. That’s why we’re offering a Site structure training as of today!

Get this new online Yoast training now for the introductory price of $89! Be quick, because after December 22 it will go back to the regular price ($99).

Learn how to structure your site well with our Site structure training! »

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What do you learn in the Site structure training?

Our Site structure training will enable you to improve upon the structure of your own site. We’ll learn you how to set up an ideal site structure. You’ll learn about creating a pyramid-like structure by using taxonomies, like categories and tags, and about cornerstone content, internal linking, optimizing your categories and much more.

Above that, we’ll give you lots of practical tips to improve your site’s structure right away. Taking this course will take about 5 hours in total and will give you all the skills you need to really get a grip on this part of your SEO strategy.

The site structure course will contain 3 modules and 6 lessons. Each lesson will contain training videos and accompanying text in which we’ll present the material to you. Above that, we’ll test your knowledge by asking lots of questions. When you finish our Site structure training, you’ll receive a certificate and a badge to put on your site.

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