Real-time content analysis for better SEO

Yoast SEO IconThe best way to improve someone’s SEO content writing, is to let him do it, and then give real-time feedback. Ever since its first release in 2011, the page analysis functionality in WordPress SEO has always worked when you saved the post. We’re about to change that, and make it real-time. We’ll give you a preview of what that’s like in this post and explain the other benefits.

Online content analysis tool

Because of how it works technically now, we can easily provide our real-time content analysis as a tool online. If you want to see what it looks like, go to our new online content analysis tool. You’ll get live feedback about both SEO aspects of your site as well as stuff like the Flesch reading ease score.

The online content analysis tool is very similar to how it will work in WordPress SEO when we release this, which will probably happen mid-July. Give it a try! We’d love to hear in the comments what you think and what problems you ran into. We’ve already found a few bugs ourselves, that’s exactly why we’re doing this. We want you to try it and tell us what’s broken!

As you can see, we’ve been working on the snippet preview too. No longer will you have an input field for the meta description or the SEO title: you can edit them straight in the snippet preview. This should make it both more intuitive and make it require less screen real-estate. Here’s a quick GIF of it in action:

Snippet Preview in action

Premium SEO benefits

One of the other benefits of this change is that we’ll be able to do something that has often been requested: do content analysis for multiple keywords. This is a feature that’ll be available to WordPress SEO Premium customers soon after the release of the real-time content analysis.

We’re also working on more checks to help you improve your writing, in line with the writing tips we’ve been giving in our Content SEO eBook (which, btw, is on sale this week for just $15!). These will gradually be released as we develop them.

Technical background of the real-time analysis

To be able to do real-time content analysis, the entire functionality has been rewritten in JavaScript (mostly by our awesome new developer Danny Terwindt. There’s actually a GitHub repository for this specific bit of code. The developers among you will wonder why it’s a separate repository. Simple: this rewrite allows us to expand to more platforms.

We’d love your input!

As I said above: this is a relatively early “release” of this code. We’d love for you to use it and tell us what problems you run into in the comments!

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