Joost & Marieke visit California this summer

Are you living in the San Francisco Bay Area or in Los Angeles (or surroundings)? And, are you planning to organize a WP Meetup this summer? Joost de Valk would love to come, visit and speak at your WP Meetup this summer!

Marieke and Joost of Yoast visit the US

We (Joost and Marieke) will be┬átraveling through California this summer. We’ll take our four children (aged 10, 6, 4 and 1) along with us. It will be mostly fun, sightseeing and vacation, but we’d love to do some Meetups in California as well. So, please let us know if you’d like Joost de Valk to come to your Meetup!

Our timetable

What are the possibilities? From July 23 until July 29 we’ll stay in San Fransisco. Anything within an hour’s (or 90 minute) drive is doable!

After July 29, we’ll be off the radar, doing some serious sightseeing. We’ll be in Los Angeles (well, Carlsbad to be precise) from August 12 to August 19.

Please contact us if you would like to have Joost de Valk come to your Meetup. Hope to see you soon!

Check out this video to see Joost present at WordCamp NL!