How to Protect Yourself From Online Scams – My New Hub Page Goes Live

My writing and publishing schedule actually contained a number of other hub pages to be written before the scams and online fraud hub. However, one day, I’ve decided that it can possibly be one of the most important hubs I could ever publish, so it went straight to the top of the list.

(Just like my short entry on giving back to the community became the most important post on this site.)

So today, I’m happy to announce that the hub is now live. It is a bit different than other hubs, though. Instead of linking to other posts focusing on “good practices” of doing something, it links to posts that talk about what not to do, and how not to fall victim to online marketing douchebags. And I really mean it.


The story

Just to give you a quick history lesson, a couple of months ago, I decided to start publishing a new kind of posts here at newInternetOrder. The posts were meant to focus on scams and various shady products in the online business area that bring no value whatsoever and yet, are priced at $2,000+.

Over time, these posts have proven to add valuable insights to the community and made everyone a bit more aware about what’s going on in the online world. So I think it’s only right for me to keep publishing them. That’s also where the new hub page comes into play.

The hub

The online scams and fraud hub is the central point for everything bad in online marketing. In short, it’s a place where you can go to find honest advice and unbiased opinion on a number of products, marketing techniques, douchebag selling methods and other fraudulent stuff in general.

Just to prove that I am indeed serious about this, please review my post on why you shouldn’t buy ProfitHacks – one of the bigger product launches earlier in the year. The post wasn’t any kind of disguised affiliate promotion like some wise guys like to publish. You know, something along the lines of “don’t buy X before you read my review.” No, it was 100% honest, and this is just one example. The hub links to a lot more just like it. Without further delay, here’s the link again:

Scams and Online Fraud

I’m curious to know your current approach at buying new products or deciding what marketing techniques to use when promoting your business. I mean, how would you know if the thing you’re about to buy isn’t a scam and that it won’t hurt your brand?

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