Email Spam Reaching New Standards

fighting spamEmail spam is reaching new standards…

Of course, I’m not talking about any improvements, or anything that could be considered “a good practice.”

Besides, it’s hard to identify any good practice since we’re talking spam, right?

Here’s the case. Just the other day I received an email like this (the important part marked with the rectangle):


Everything seems fine at first… Someone sent me an email, I responded, and I got a follow up email.

However, I never responded!

My so-called response (starting with “Can you tell me more about …”) is completely fabricated.

… Talking about new standards in email spam, right?

How can this work?

The idea behind this is pretty simple. Busy people can get tricked into believing that they’ve indeed replied.

I’m busy, that’s correct. But my email software (Thunderbird) tells me that on March 19th, 2012 I didn’t send any email to anyone at

Apparently, there are some clever marketing guys at twin-links

What’s the lesson here?

  1. Don’t ever do business with twin-links.
  2. Always make sure that someone is not trying to trick you when dealing with email.

Have you experienced anything similar during your online existence? I don’t really know if that’s a popular practice or not. It’s the first time I was sent such a thing.

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