Douchebag Guide to Online Marketing

No, this headline is not just a trick to get you to pay attention. I’m really going to point out some douchebag marketing techniques.

Although this isn’t about things you should do yourself. On the contrary, it’s a list of practices you should avoid at all times.

And I know that most of them actually work, as in they generate sales for whoever uses them, but in my opinion, pissing off 98% of your audience is not a viable business model, no matter how much money you can make.

However, some douchebags don’t care about things like customer backlash, and that’s why we see so many of those so-called marketing tricks being used all over the internet.

For instance, when was the last time you saw a lame “as seen on” block? Or a video that was supposed to go down soon? Or some fake testimonials? The internet is full of it.

Feel free to check out my guest post at Respectfully Disobedient to get the full list of douchebag practices, along with a word on why you shouldn’t use them yourself:

Please, Let The Day Come When Most “Online Selling Rules” Die

Do you know of any other “interesting” marketing tricks like the ones described in the post? What’s your opinion on the topic?

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