Coming soon: SEO copywriting training

Writing quality content is of great importance for your SEO strategy. At Yoast, we’re strong believers in the importance of nicely written and easy-to-read articles. Such content, however, requires strong writing skills. In order to help you write quality content, we’ve set up a SEO copywriting training.

As of June 7, you’ll be able to purchase our SEO copywriting training. It will available at an introductory price of $249 (later on, it will cost $299). The SEO copywriting training contains six modules with lots of training videos and some screencasts. On top of that, you’ll get tons of challenging questions and exercises in which we’ll test your (knowledge about) writing skills.

Assignments and feedback

As this is a course in which we’ll teach you how to write, you’ll have to do some genuine writing yourself. You’ll receive feedback on your writing assignment from one of the members of the Yoast team. The course also contains an assignment in which we ask you to set up your own keyword research. Again, you’ll receive feedback on your work from one of the members of the Yoast team.

What do you learn in the SEO copywriting training?

In this course, we’ll take you through the entire process of SEO copywriting. We’ll start by doing keyword research and teach you how to prepare your text. You’ll receive many tips to improve your actual writing and we’ll help you to correct and optimize your text. Finally, we’ll teach you all about publishing the article. Our course will follow the same steps that we take in SEO copywriting: the ultimate guide.

About the SEO copywriting training

The SEO copywriting training contains 6 modules, 13 training video’s and 13 texts. You’ll have to answer lots of challenging questions and do three assignments. You’ll also receive a PDF of our Blog SEO eBook. If you finish the course, you’ll get a certificate and a badge to put on your site.

The course is developed by a team of experts. Joost de Valk, SEO expert, and Marieke van de Rakt, expert on copywriting, teamed up with Jaro Ekstijn, our educational specialist here at Yoast. Jaro is responsible for the many questions, exercises, assignments and the didactics of this course. For this specific writing course, we also had help from our linguist, Irene Strikkers. Irene’s expertise in the field of linguistics really contributed in developing this course. Her expertise was especially important for the module about readability.

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