Block Editor news and plugin tips

While we’re getting ready to see WordPress 5.2.2 released next week, today’s roundup focuses partly on the Block Editor. I’m also highlighting two plugins that work wonderfully with the Block Editor. One is for creating creative grid layouts and one is for ad management. Let’s dive in!

Block Library Project

The project for the Block Library in the Gutenberg editor, which allows for installing Blocks from within Gutenberg, is well underway. The end goal of the project is to have the API provide an endpoint for searching for blocks by name and description, and return metadata similar to that of plugins. Making it super easy to install blocks from within the Gutenberg editor.

Mel Choyce published an update on the Make WordPress Design blog outlining a workflow. Well worth checking out. Especially if you’ve already spent a lot of time in the new Block Editor.

Grids for the Block Editor

Speaking of the Block Editor, there’s a cool plugin I stumbled upon called Grids. It’s a sort of layout builder that helps you create visual structures in your page. From a simple layout made by adjacent columns, to more complex compositions.

Grids is entirely based on the Block Editor, which means you’ll be able to use it together with the big collection of content blocks that have already been created. It’s a pretty nifty plugin, if you ask me.

Site Health Manager

WordPress 5.2 introduced the ‘Site Health’ section in your ‘Tools’ menu. As is the case with all new features WordPress adds, soon, a new plugin will start playing with that :) Just like in this case. If you’d like more granular control over what is shown in the ‘Site Health’ section, then the Site Health Manager plugin is for you.


One of the very few plugins I recommend for managing advertisements on your site is Adsanity. It’s a premium plugin, but it’s one well worth paying for in my opinion. The plugin works as a light ad rotator plugin. It allows you, as the user, to create and manage ads shown on a website as well as keep statistics on views and clicks.

They recently released their 1.6 version, which makes the plugin integrate perfectly with the Block Editor as well as Beaver Builder, for instance. If you’re in the market for an ad manager, do check them out.

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