Basic SEO training video: cornerstone content

Our Basic SEO training teaches you how to optimize your site. One of the strategies we explain is creating cornerstone content. Cornerstone content is the most important content on your site. It should be informative, high quality content related to your core business. When it’s part of a good site structure it can help your site’s rankings tremendously. In this tiny fragment of our Basic SEO training video, Joost explains the concept of cornerstone content.

Can’t watch this video?

In this fragment of the Basic SEO training video Joost explains the concept of cornerstone content. Here’s a summary of the video transcript:

“As I talked about in the keyword research video, if you have a head keyword that you find very hard to attack, like in this example image ‘logistics’, it might actually be very heavy to try and rank for that specific logistics page. Where as, if you write a lot of smaller (or maybe even larger) articles about specific terms around logistics, and you link them all to your cornerstone content logistics article, it might be a lot easier to rank for the term logistics.”

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