Basic SEO training: signal words

Our Basic SEO training teaches you how to optimize your website yourself! In this training I explain the importance of high quality content and attractive copy for SEO. One attribute of attractive copy is that it’s easy to read and to follow. A way to make a text easy to read, is to have a decent post structure and to use signal words at the right places. Watch the video below to learn how to use signal words!

Can’t watch the Basic SEO training video?

Here’s the transcript:

“Signal words can help your readers to grasp the structure of your text as well. Signals words are words that give direction to your readers. They will show readers that e.g. an enumeration is coming. So if you use words like “and”, “first of all”, “second of all” people will understand: Oh something else is coming, which is about the same, but which adds something. If you want let your readers know that something really important comes up you can say “Most important” and then people know: oh now I have to really pay attention. So use these signal words and use them at the right place. They will allow your readers to really grasp the structure of your text.”

SEO copywriting is not the only thing you’ll learn in our online Basic SEO training! There are modules about keyword research, usability, technical SEO, conversion and more!