Ask Yoast: Facebook or Adwords advertising?

If you want to give your products or events that extra push, should you promote them on Facebook? Or would it be better to use Adwords to drive traffic to your site? If you would have to choose, perhaps because of a limited budget, which one should you pick, Facebook or Adwords? At Ask Yoast we received a question from someone who doubted between these two channels:

“If I only have a limited budget, would you recommend advertising on Facebook or Adwords?”

In the video below I’ll explain what’s the best strategy!

Facebook promotion or Adwords?

Read the transcript here:

“Well, this might not surprise you, because I have been telling people to use Facebook for advertising for a while now. But Facebook advertising really is a ton cheaper than AdWords. So, unless you’re very sure that you can convert traffic from AdWords better – and this is something you should test – usually Facebook advertising is cheaper and gets you a lot more people to your site for the same amount of money. So I would start with Facebook and if that converts you can also start with AdWords later on. Good luck!”

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