Ask Yoast: do I need to optimize all of my product pages?

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Today’s SEO question comes from Gude Hudson-Gool from Kent. She is wondering:

“In my online shop, should I aim to get the SEO ‘green light’ on each individual product?”

Joost’s answer:

“It depends. It depends on whether your products go away or if your products stay the same all the time. If your product stay the same over time it is actually worth optimizing each and every page.

If they don’t stay the same over time, it actually depends on how big your shop is, whether you have the time to invest to optimize all those individual product pages. If you don’t have the time, spend that time on your category pages and on special pages for special events throughout the year that might encourage people to buy stuff from your shop.

There are several approaches to get pages that might get people to buy your products, and your product pages are just one of them. And if those pages go away every time it’s not worth spending too much time on those and you should spend time on those category pages and those other pages.”

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