Add a Little Life to Your Content – Use Images

The fact that I’m using images a lot on this blog is not accidental. It’s also not because I have some particular feelings towards photography and its different forms. Well okay, I do like to take a nice picture every now and then, but that’s not the point here.

The main reason why I’m using images along with my posts is because they add additional impact to them, making the posts more memorable and distinctive.

I’m sorry to use the cliché, but a picture is really worth a thousand words. Especially if it’s presented next to a post of 1000 words or more…

A couple of weeks ago we were discussing various places where you can get images for your blog. Today it’s time to answer the “how” part of the issue. So check out my guest post at ProBlogger to find out what I’m on about:

How to Use Images in Your Blog Posts

And I know, okay, I didn’t use any images in that particular post. But I do it a lot in my other posts so please bear with me :)

Also, what do you think about the whole idea of using images as an important part of every blog post?

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