8 Tools to Make a Website Owner’s Life Waaaaay Easier


Being a website owner isn’t actually the simples of roles… That’s because there are various tasks you have to take care of on a daily basis. Like, for example: checking if your site is even up, monitoring your search engine rankings, paying attention to the stats, and so on.

Actually, you can do everything manually, but it’s not the most fortunate approach. Nor is it the most time efficient one.

Thankfully, it’s the 21st century, and this means that there’s virtually an app/tool for everything these days.

As a website owner, and possibly an online business owner too, you can save a massive amount of time by signing up to some cool tools and then using them every day (or regularly, in general).

To find out what these tools are feel free to read my guest post at InspiredMag, all tools listed there are free:

8 Tools that Make a Webmaster’s Life Easier

Is there any other interesting tool you’ve stumbled upon and want to share with other readers? Feel free to shoot me a comment.

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